Bandhuka/Jungle Geranium – 1

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Known by the names Bandhuka and Paaranti in Sanskrit, Kiskara and Kepla in Kannada, Ixora coccinea, Jungle geranium, flame of the woods, and jungle flame in English, this plant is a species of flowering plant in the Rubiaceae family. It is a common flowering shrub native to Southern India and Sri Lanka. The flowers of this plant are considered to be dear to Goddess Parvathi/Durga Parameshwari and are regularly used in Devi worship.

This plant’s roots, leaves and flowers have medicinal properties.

From my Mother’s home garden..

Ixora coccinea

Ixora coccinea



Lemonia Flower

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This is also known as Limonia, Pink Ravenia. I was searching for the name of this flower for about 6 months.. Finally I got the name from the wesite Thanks to them for the info.


Flower blooming in our garden..

Saint Mary’s Island – 2

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Continuing with my blog on St. Mary’s islands.
The waters of St. Mary’s look to be very pristine, as there is no human habitation in the island, but for tourist activity.
Without a doubt, the main attraction are the rocks of St. Mary’s. They look almost man-made.
Saint Mary's Island

Beautiful view…


Saint Mary's Island

The above photo looks like it is photo shopped, doesn’t it?
In fact, this is how it looks in real life, as the St. Mary’s beach is full of oyster shells. I had never seen so many shells at one place ever till then.

Saint Mary's Island

The rocks in the above photo look like a temple, right?

Saint Mary's Island

Stonehenge 2?

Saint Mary's Island

Rocks and the cool waters..


I will be returning next time with more photos of St. Mary’s islands. Until then, bye 🙂

Saint Mary’s Island – 1

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Sharing some sweet old memories of the time when about 6 years back, I had been to St. Mary’s Islands near Malpe. I will be posting more photos and sharing some more info about it in the coming weeks. There are 4 Islands in the group called as St. Mary’s Islands. Also known as coconut Islands, these are full of lush and tall coconut trees, and also home to mangroves.

The rocks of St. Mary’s are very unique and are the result of volcanic activity and separation of the Madagascar Islands from the Indian peninsula. Years of sea water activity have also resulted in the unique steps – like structure of St. Mary’s rocks. Other than here, the only other place you will see such rocks is Ireland.

Saint Mary's Island, Malpe, Karnataka, India

The rocks view from Saint Mary’s Island..

The route to these Islands is from Malpe, the nearest mainland, by ferry. It is a half-hour trip from Malpe. There are some time restrictions-from Morning to Afternoon, beyond which you cannot visit these Islands. Also one is allowed there only for a few hours. The other attraction of this place is the enormous amount of oyster shells found by the shore here.
These Islands are uninhabited. Therefore, tourists must come prepared with bottles of water, and food, as the place can be quite sunny and there are no restaurants around. There are no shades around though there are benches for resting.
Though the waters look very pristine, swimming can be very dangerous here.

Saint Mary's Island

While entering Saint Mary’s Island..

There are talks of developing St. Mary’s Islands as a tourist attraction. Once you visit these Islands, you will want to come back again and again. Did you also like St. Mary’s Islands?

Okra flower

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I have not been posting for the last few days as I had been to my parent’s home with my kids for my son’s vacation. I was happy to see the blooming of many flowers. I took quite a few snaps there.
Here I have clicked a photo of an okra flower which was grown at my home. Okra, a vegetable, is also known as lady fingers. You can see a lady finger also in the background. At Mangalore, we have both the local variety, which is longer and more expensive, and the shorter variety, which comes from the plains, which is a bit cheaper.
As you can see, the flower of this Okra plant resembles the hibiscus flower. The reason for that is that both okra and hibiscus
are from the same family. It is also related to the cocoa (chocolate) plant, as well as the cotton plant.
Its Latin name is Abelmoschus esculentus. Its seeds can purportedly be used as a coffee substitute.
Okra has a slime-like/mucous-like quality when it is opened or cut and purportedly has many medically beneficial properties. It is
a very versatile and very tasty vegetable, which can be used in a wide variety of ways-fried, as podi/bajji (fritters), palya (vegetable fry),in sambar (curry) and in many other myriad ways.
Abelmoschus Esculentus

Blooming Okra flower..

Karaveera/Nerium Oleander

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I snapped this flower in Mangaluru City. This is popularly known as Karaveera flower in our area, and Kanagalu in Bengaluru. Though this comes in a wide variety of colours such as white, light pink, dark pink, yellow, red etc. with single and double petals, this plant is very poisonous for both humans and animals.
Possibly one of the most attractive as well as poisonous plant around.

Nerium Oleander

Single petaled flower..


Nerium Oleander

Plant with lots of flowers..